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Welcome to our site.  Please check out our tees with a message.  All profit is donated to San Diego Animal Advocates, a local non-profit animal rights organization.  We encourage you to visit the links to these wonderful groups.
Megan and Amrit are activists in San Diego and wanted to find a way to spread a compassionate message and raise money for the animals.  Through art they made these tees, a fashionable way to have a heart.
To order click HERE or link at top.
Text will look slightly different on finished products. Please click on the tees for much better images.
The Stop the War on Wildlife, Fashion Victim, I Am Not Entertainment, and Ban Exotic Pets  tees are currently available and ready to sell.  Please view our list of available sizs, styles and colors.



Save Lives: Spay & Neuter

Animals Are Not Entertainment



Stop the War on Wildlife


Ban Exotic Pets


I Am Not Entertainment

Click on images for larger views and images on back

Fashion Victim


Shop Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free

Megan Sewell is an activist/student/artist at UCSD and is president of their Students Against Animal Suffering. To view other art click here or link at top.
Amrit Hansmeyer has been an activist for the animals for 12 years and is co-founder/owner of Shoes With Souls.